Short Term Rental Property Services 

The Palms Springs area and the Coachella Valley is one of the hottest markets for Short Term Rental (STR) properties, however, each city in the valley has its own rules and regulations regarding STR properties. STR owners must comply with the rules or risk losing the opportunity to rent. One such city, La Quinta, is proposing fines up to $5,000 on STR owners who repeatedly violate those rules, rules which are mostly designed to ensure renters are peacefully occupying the STR house and not disturbing homeowners in the surrounding neighborhood. 

If you are a STR Property owner and have problem renters, you must remove those problem renters immediately or risk losing your ability to operate your STR business. Many STR owners are surprised to find out some of their renters are entitled to all the protections of a long term renter, and have attained "tenant" status. This means no eviction of the renter without going through the unlawful detainer court process, regardless of the activities of the renter. 


Not only can our firm recover possession of your rental property from problem renters, we are happy to coordinate extensive clean up services (beyond normal housekeeping services) to get your long term rental or short term rental back in the condition you need it in to rent.